Hazel Hill Farm Membership


Hazel Hill Farm Membership

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Join Hazel Hill Farm! Your early support keeps us in supplies when we need it most and buys you a 10% credit. In addition, you get first dibs on early and scarce produce, discounted bulk foods for canning, and first dibs on special events like farm dinners, bonfires, and harvest parties. 

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Small - for small households, those who visit only occasionally, the vegetable-averse, or the skeptic.

Medium - for those who want a go at a modest amount of vegetables all summer.

Large - for larger households, vegetarians, canners, and those looking to eat on the healthy side.

Check's in the Mail - If you would rather not go through the process of using a credit card online, you can instead fill out the form on the site and mail a check for your chosen amount to: Emily Martorano, 6368 County Rd N, Avoca, WI 53506.